Bush expressed unwavering support for Gonzales

That means he has about a week before he is either fired or steps down to “spend time with his family”.  Bush saying he supports you and is not going to make any changes  is like Michael Corleone kissing you and saying you broke his heart.  You know you don’t have long left.

Remember this:

Bush reaffirms support for Rumsfeld

Bush is historically incredibly willful and childish when it comes to getting rid of his croneys who get caught screwing up and/or breaking the law, insisting that they have his support and refusing to stand up like a leader and fire them, until the situation becomes unbearable even to republican lawmakers.

He did the same thing for Scooter and Brownie (which is not a new flavor of Ben and Jerry’s).

I think Bush thinks it makes him look strong but it makes him look foolish, out of touch and (gasp!) not in charge.

It would be funny if it weren’t so unbelievably bad for our country.

Kiss me AlbertoYou broke my heart, BrownieI know what you did, Rummy



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2 responses to “Bush expressed unwavering support for Gonzales

  1. Steph

    It’s just a partisan fishing expedition aimed at honorable public servants. Our president proposed a reasonable way to avoid an impasse, but the Democrats will not cooperate.

  2. You are probably right, Stephanie. I missed the president’s proposal, did it go along the lines of, “I am the decider,” or “it would be easier if I was the dictator”?

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